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For the Churro Base

170 g flour
310 g water
3 g salt
1 L sunflower oil

For the tiramisú mousse

500 g Mascarpone 42% fat
240 g Cream 35%
20 g egg yolk
75 g sugar
50 g milk
5 g coffee powder

For the decoration

30 g icing sugar
20 g cocoa powder



Churro base

1.- Mix the flour with the salt in a bowl
2.- Boil the water and pour it over rhe flour
3.- Stir with a spoon until smooth and put the dough in a pipping bag with curly nozzle
4.- Does the dough directly to the hot sunflower oil forming an oval shap
5.- Fry it until becomes a little bit brown. Drain the oil on absorbing paper.
6.- Place as a base


Tiramisu mousse

1.- In one container, mix egg yolk, coffee and the sugar and whip until became white
2.- Add the cream and the Mascarpone and whip it together until it becomes a mousse
3.- Dose it over the individual churro base
4.- Cut and serve

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