Receta | Quescrem Mascarpone and almond cake

Quescrem Mascarpone and almond cake


For the Asian mascarpone griddle sponge cake

106 g Quescrem Mascarpone
106 g whole milk
85 g sunflower oil
140 g Egg yolk
74 g Plain flour
35 g Corn starch
335 g Egg white
116 g sugar
3 g cream of tartar

For the almond creamy

470 g cream 35% fat
98 g whole milk
80 g egg yolk
90 g sugar
12 g Gelatine powder
60 g water for gelatine
200 g pure almond paste

For the Quescrem Mascarpone mousse

615 g Quescrem Mascarpone
60 g whole milk
90 g Dextrose
150 g egg white
84 g gelatine powder (14 g gelatine powder + 70 g water)

For the caramel-inspired glaze

144 g condensed milk
108 g Water
215 g Sugar
215 g DE44 glucose syrup
87 g Water
15 g Gelatine sheets (200° Bloom)
216 g Caramel white chocolate couverture



Asian mascarpone griddle sponge cake

1. Mix the Quescrem mascarpone with the milk and heat to 60ºC.
2. Then add the egg yolk and the sunflower oil, mix them well.
3. Add the flour together with the corn starch and mix until there are no lumps. 4. On the other hand, make a French meringue with the egg whites, sugar and cream of tartar, at 70% air.
5. Mix into the previous mixture.
6. Pour the mixture into a 60 x 40 tin, covered with baking paper.
7. Bake in the oven, temperature 140º C base and 170º C top, for 18 minutes (160º for 18 minutes in convection oven).


Almond creamy

1. Hydrate the powdered gelatine with the water and leave to gel.
2. Put the cream together with the milk, egg yolk and sugar in a saucepan. Cook until 85ºC.
3. Melt the gelatine mass and add to the previous mixture and integrate.
4. Pour over the pure almond paste and blend.


Quescrem Mascarpone mousse

1. Make the gelatine mass by mixing the gelatine with the water. Leave to gel.
2. Heat the milk and when it boils, add the gelatine mass.
3. Soften the Quescrem Mascarpone with a spatula and mix with the hot gelatine.
4. Make a meringue with the egg whites and dextrose. Add the meringue to the previous mixture. Use immediately.


Caramel-inspired glaze

Put the gelatine leaves in the 87gr of water to hydrate. After 20 minutes, heat the mixture in the microwave until it melts.
In a saucepan, heat the 108g of water, the sugar and the glucose to 103ºC. Pour the mixture over the condensed milk, the gelatine mass and the chocolate couverture. Emulsify.
Leave to gel for 24 hours at +4°C.
To glaze, heat the mixture to 40º C, work with a turmix and glaze the pieces at 30º-35º C.


1. Cut 4 discs of mascarpone sponge cake 12cm in diameter.
2. Shape into a cake by dispensing a 2mm layer of almond creamy on each disc and freeze.
3. Fill a silicone mould 5cm high and 14cm in diameter with Quescrem Mascarpone mousse up to 3/4 full.
4. Lift up the walls with a spatula. 5. Place the previously frozen mixture in the mould and press down well. Make sure that the sponge cake part remains as a base. Freeze.
6. Remove from the mould and glaze with the caramel-inspired glaze.
7. Decorate with the almond granules

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