15% growth thanks to innovation and international trade

15% growth thanks to innovation and international trade

According to our 2018 accounts, we have grown by 15%, making more than 3000 tonnes of cream cheese with a strong team of 60 employees in 3 manufacturing plants. Once again, we have grown more than the sector average thanks to the team’s commitment and belief in the cornerstones of our differentiation.

There is no magic formula behind these figures, only a strong commitment to innovation and international trade, exceptional ingredients, a sustainable value contribution and an extensive range of products.

Since we started as a spin out company of a research project of the Centre for Dairy Products of the University of Santiago de Compostela, innovation has been Quescrem’s cornerstone. We invest 10% of our annual revenue back into R&D, a department that accounts for 20% of our workforce.

We also believe in the importance of international trade, and we currently export our products to over 40 countries around the world. We are still consolidating our position in China, our largest market after Spain, and we are working on strengthening our presence in the United States.

Another key to our growth has been buttermilk, an exceptional dairy by-product of butter making that we have revalued, making the most of the resources of our region in the most efficient way thanks to innovation. Buttermilk is an ingredient of high biological value, with exceptional functional and organoleptic properties, that makes our products stand out. It has a higher nutritional value than milk but only 0.7% fat. By using buttermilk, we can achieve creamier textures, easier to work with. It adds a unique smoothness to cream cheeses and, as a natural emulsifier, its is easier to combine with other ingredients.

With this same goal, to revalue available resources and be more sustainable, we take part in several research projects, both national and international, focused on eco-efficiency and the circular economy.

Through diversification and following a sustainable model, we create value-added products for the food processing industry, the professional chef and the end consumer. More than 50 products are produced in our three plants, such as cream cheeses, fresh cheeses, mascarpone and other dairy products, like culinary yoghurt and crème fraîche.

This has been another year in which we have achieved good results and grown more than the sector’s average, and we have never felt more encouraged to continue to improve. We want to thank our partners, clients, suppliers and team for helping us get here.