Quescrem CSR Report 2020

Quescrem CSR Report 2020

One of the main points of our current strategic plan is sustainability in all its dimensions, and for this reason we have published a Corporate Social Responsibility report in which we include all the actions carried out in 2020 and the commitments we have made to ourselves and to our environment for 2021.

We actively contribute to 7 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we also develop projects that contribute to the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our area and the agricultural and food sector.


For example, in 2020 we have worked and invested heavily in improving our environmental sustainability. Regarding energy efficiency, this year we have achieved a 20% reduction in our energy consumption, we have installed solar panels and we have started up a biogas plant. With our biogas plant we are also working on a circular economy and converting one of our industrial wastes into an efficient energy source. In 2021 we will continue to work on these issues to achieve the environmental targets we have set ourselves, including a 3% reduction in our environmental impact.


We have also remained focused on job quality and staff training, with investments in 2020 in health and safety at work, as well as in training with an annual training plan and an additional training voucher available to all employees, and the creation and maintenance of long-term employment. In 2021 we will update our training policy, develop a new training plan, and also include healthy habits in our training plan.

We do not forget our commitment to consumer health and we have several areas we are working on, both for the development of new products and for research. In this context, currently all our ingredients are natural, 99.9% of our products are sugar-free and 99% contain less than 1% salt. In 2021 we will study the NutriScore, review our nutritional criteria for the development of children’s products, and continue to work on the development of plant-based alternatives.


In 2020, solidarity and cooperation have become even more important, so we have expanded our activities in these areas. We have continued to collaborate with the organisations and institutions with which we already collaborate, but we have intensified our contributions, and we have increased the number of organisations with which we collaborate and our donations. During 2021 we will continue this work by supporting initiatives for entrepreneurship, growth and social support.

These are just a few examples of what Quescrem does and will continue to do as a responsible and committed company to generate positive impacts on the environment, society, our suppliers, partners, collaborators and employees, and also for our customers. To learn more about our commitment to global sustainability, you can download our full report here: Quescrem 2020 CSR Report (only available in Spanish).