Quescrem’s new children’s range

Quescrem’s new children’s range

Quescrem unveils its new children’s range, which will include its classic children’s products: Junior+++ Cream Cheese and Chocobó. New name and packaging, but with all their nutritional properties and a flavour that the youngest members of the family will love.

Chocobó now in a brand-new packaging

Our Cream Cheese with Chocolate and Hazelnuts and its new packaging replaces the old Chocobó. It has all the nutritional benefits of the milk, but 55% less sugar and 70% less fat than other chocolate spreads, without any vegetable oils! Its texture is easy to spread, soft and silky, perfect to go on toast or to eat with fruit.

Another addition to our children’s range is our Children’s Regular Cream Cheese, which tastes just like the cheese triangles that little ones love. This new product replaces our Junior +++ Cream Cheese but shares all its nutritional benefits. Because it has no added sugars and is high in calcium and protein, it is ideal for snacks and lunches for growing bones.

Quescrem will soon add new flavours to this range of products developed to help little ones grow strong and healthy while they enjoy the tastiest of cream cheeses. Have you tried them yet?