Lactose-free mascarpone -

Quescrem’s lactose-free mascarpone is an additive free cheese with a balanced dairy flavour and a versatile creamy texture. Because of its excellent aeration properties and stable structure, paired with how easy it is to whip, it is the perfect ingredient when making lactose-free tiramisu.

20 kg tub

20 kg tub

10 kg tub

5 kg tub

10 kg box

Lactose-free mascarpone


Nata pasteurizada, leche, regulador de la acidez: ác. cítrico.

Nutrition facts

kcal/100 g


Clean Label

Available on request

Aeration capacity

Stable structure

Adaptable flavour

Creamy and light texture

Time saving

Adilac sin lactosa


  • Lactose-free tiramisu
  • Lactose-free mousses
  • Lactose-free cakes and sponge cakes
  • Lactose-free sauces

Lactose-free tiramisu

Because of its aeration properties, stable structure and sweet taste, it is ideal for tiramisu.

Lactose-free mousses

Because of its aeration properties and stable structure —thanks to its fat content — it is ideal for mousses.

Lactose-free cakes and sponge cakes

It can be used as a substitute for butter to make moist and soft cakes and sponge cakes.

Lactose-free sauces

The perfect substitute for butter or cream. It saves time and improves nutritional values.

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