Mascarpone 35% fat -

Our mascarpone has received the international Superior Taste Award. Made with locally sourced raw materials, that give it its unique dairy flavour and aroma, it has a creamy and silky texture, additive-free, that is perfect for a wide range of recipes.

20 kg tub

20 kg tub

10 kg tub

5 kg tub

10 kg box

Mascarpone 35% fat


Pasteurised cream, milk, acidity regulator: citric acid.

Nutrition facts

kcal/100 g


Clean Label

Aeration capacity

Creamy, uniform and easy-to-use texture

Stable structure

Time saving

Adaptable flavour

Stable after baking

Melts easily

Easy to combine


  • Tiramisu and mousses
  • Cakes and sponge cakes
  • Dipping sauces
  • Sauces

Tiramisu and mousses

Because of its aeration properties, stable structure and sweet taste, it is ideal for tiramisu and mousses.

Cakes and sponge cakes

With an enjoyable flavour and a creamy and stable texture, it is perfect to make chilled cakes with less gelatine. It also adds a dairy touch to sponge cakes.

Dipping sauces

Its flavour and texture make it an outstanding base ingredient for dipping sauces, acting as vehicle for other flavours.


The perfect substitute for butter or cream. It saves time and improves nutritional values.