Receta | Bite of fresh cheese with beetroot hummus

Bite of fresh cheese with beetroot hummus

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10 units of bread toast
200 g of Quescrem Fresh Cheese Original Recipe
5 g of black sesame seeds
100 g of beet hummus

For the beet hummus:

60 g of cooked chickpeas
25 g of cooked beetroot 
10 g of lemon juice
3 g of tahini
1 g of garlic
1 g of salt
1 of cumin



For the beetroot humus:

Mix all the ingredients with a blender until there is a fine and homogeneous mixture. If you want a softer texture can be reduced with the cooking water of the chickpeas. You can add a stream of extra virgin olive oil.


Put on the bread toast or on a spoon for tasting a slice of fresh cheese, cover it with a spoonful of beetroot hummus and decorate with some black sesame seeds.

To finish:

You can use zest or lime peel to decorate.

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