Receta | Mini pork sirloin burger with grilled fresh cheese

Mini pork sirloin burger with grilled fresh cheese

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10 mini hamburger buns
250 g of pork sirloin
150 g of  Quescrem Mediterranean style fresh cheese
70 g of caramelized onion 

For caramelized onion: 

500 g of onion
80 g of brown sugar
40 g of olive oil  
15 g of balsamic vinegar of Modena



Caramelized onion:

Peel and cut the onion in julienne strips. Put the olive oil in a pan and add the onion. Let it cook slowly about 30 minutes until it is soft and transparent. Add the brown sugar and the Modena vinegar and stir over low heat until it caramelizes.


Pork sirloin:

Cut the pieces of sirloin about 6 cm in length. Mark the sirloins on the pan so that they are not raw inside, but remain juicy.


Gilled fresh cheese: 

Cut the Quescrem Mediterranean style fresh cheese into slices the same size of sirloins. Put them on the grill very hot during a minute each side, until them are golden. 

To finish:

Put together the sirloin steak on the base of the bread, then the slices of Quescrem Mediterranean style fresh cheese and finally the caramelized onion. Gentrly cover with the other slice of bread so that you do no presss the ingredients and can see well. If you wish add a cherry tomato cut in half.

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