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Yoghurt ice cream

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405 g of water
350 g of Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt
60 g of skimmed milk powder
90 g of sugar
90g of dextrose
5g Ice cream stabiliser



Put the water in a saucepan with the skimmed milk powder and the dextrose. Heat at 45ºC. Add the sugar with the ice cream stabilizer. Heat everything up to 85ºC. Let the mixture at low temperature until it reaches 4º. Add the Quescrem Culinary Yoghurt and mix everything. Let the mixture stand for 6 hours at 4ºC. Whip up. Shock freeze the mixture using a blast chiller at -40ºC. Once frozen, warm it up to -20ºC for its conservation. 

To finish:

You can add a topping to your liking

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