Tapas: a trendy tradition -

Tapas: a trendy tradition

Tapas, one of the most traditional dishes of the Spanish gastronomy and culture, can now be found in every corner of the world. A traditional dish that has found a way to reinvent itself to meet the new demands of the consumers and be at the forefront of the food service sector.

A renovated concept

Tapas are not simply food; in Spain they are a social event in their own right. Spanish culture used to identify tapas with traditional bars and restaurants, however, in recent years they have been transformed.

Tapas are no longer an appetizer offered with a drink, they have taken the centre stage, and different chefs, products and establishments use it to reinvent themselves and attract new clients. So much so that tapas have made it all the way to haute cuisine. Many top chefs, like Ferran Adriá, offer signature tapas that foodies love.

Successful new ideas

In this tapas revival we can find certain common trends that all restaurants should take into consideration:

Same menu, different portions

Many restaurants offer the same recipe in different portion sizes (dish, small dish or tapa). By doing this they suit the needs of the consumer, who now has the power of choice.
The tapa also becomes a main dish in the menu of many restaurants, but also some menus only offer tapas as a more informal alternative.

An international menu

Traditional tapas coexist with new international recipes and new flavours (ceviche, tacos, raw fish…) offered to surprise the palate of a demanding clientele. Some restaurants choose to offer dishes that fuse the traditional with the international to create original new tapas.


The most unique thing about tapas is how versatile they are: they can be eaten with or without cutlery, with toothpicks, etc. Restaurants become creative in their presentation and tapas are served in glasses, on plates of different shapes and sizes, small pans or even on edible ingredients, such as tacos or toast, exploring the limits of this formula.

Informal and casual

Tapas are quite a flexible dish: they can be eaten at midday, in the afternoon or at night. Several dishes can be shared around a table or at the bar, standing up or sitting down, as part of the menu or individually. It is important to make the most of their potential and offer options for all of the above.

Never stop creating

The key to success is to regularly change the menu, adding new recipes to surprise the customers with different flavours and textures. Tapas open up a new world of creativity and innovation both to the chefs and the customers.

What to customers want?

Regardless of the type of establishment and what it offers, there are a series of common characteristics that customers are asking for:

  • Healthy options: Customers are looking for flavourful dishes that, at the same time, will help them look after their diet with ingredients that are good for their health.
  • Fresh: They are looking for freshly made dishes that come out of the kitchen with all their properties and characteristics intact.
  • Eco-friendly: Customers are more conscious than ever about the importance of caring for the environment, which is why they look out for dishes made with locally sourced and sustainable products in keeping with their beliefs.
  • llergies and intolerances: It is important to offer an alternative to people with food intolerances, so the menu should include lactose or gluten free recipes.
  • Original presentation: In this social media age, we must take care of the presentation if we want our dishes to be shared on social platforms and attract new clients.
  • Innovation: Customers are looking for new ingredients and experiences that surprise them and help them keep up with the latest trends.

Our suggestions

Do you want to offer the best tapas? Offer a wide range of dishes that includes traditional recipes with an innovative twist and original ideas for the more adventurous. Tapas give you an opportunity to combine different ingredients and create different presentations. These are some of our suggestions:

  • Fresh cheese with tuna tataki. A perfect option for Asian cuisine lovers with a unique twist.
  • Fresh cheese with black pudding. A renovated classic that will please even the most traditional of customers.
  • Mini burger of Iberian pork tenderloin. Ideal for all meat lovers.
  • Fresh cheese with beetroot hummus. The perfect alternative for vegetarians.

As always, the quality of the products you use is key to guarantee the success of your menu, setting each dish apart.