Innovation for the food industry

The upward trend of incorporating cheese in the industry demands products that meet high standards of quality, conservation and use. At Quescrem, we excel in developing ingredients that meet these requirements. Therefore, we offer standardized formulations and customized solutions for applications in different segments and production processes.

We guarantee excellence at every stage of the project thanks to our pilot plant and an industrial scaling process to generate samples and validate developments. A commitment that we maintain with our team, collaborators, suppliers, customers and with you.

Together we create a cream cheese that adds a differential value to the products and that is developed and produced in Galicia with the firm responsibility of adding value to our environment, to society and to the sector.

We are your strategic partner

Quescrem’s Research and Development (R&D&I) department offers the industry a range of solutions and differentiated products with high added value for the development and testing of tailor-made products.

Quescrem’s team of specialists consists of eight people with different profiles to work in various areas: sustainability, new products, new technologies, etc. A large part of our innovation effort is aimed at providing solutions to the professional channel and the food industry.

We work collaboratively with industry customers to develop customized formulations that are specifically tailored to their needs. These formulations can include different variants of cheese cream with unique properties and characteristics.

We develop products that meet specific functionality requirements such as texture, stability, mixability or shelf life to improve the quality and experience of the final products.

We collaborate with industry to modernize production processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency while maintaining product integrity.

Innovation is one of Quescrem’s driving forces. The R&D team keeps abreast of current and future trends in the food industry to develop new products that are aligned with consumer demands. Thus, we work on different research projects in which we combine our knowledge of the sector with the most advanced technology to create innovative solutions that meet the real needs of our customers.

The R&D&I department offers technical advice and consultancy on the optimal use of each of Quescrem’s products in culinary and confectionery applications.

We generate samples in our pilot plant and carry out industrial scale-up tests to validate developments prior to market implementation.

Do you want to create a new cheese with us?

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