Quality Assurance

Quescrem meets the specific quality requirements in each market, which is identified with distinctive signs that guarantee the excellence of our products worldwide.

International Quality Certifications

Galicia Quality

The Galicia Calidade seal certifies our products, endorsed by their Galician origin, their production in Galicia and their Galician raw material.

International Taste Institute

Ehe prestigious International Taste and Quality Institute, iTQi, is the leading organization dedicated to tasting and promoting food products. Its distinction through the recognized Superior Taste Award certification underlines the commitment to taste and quality in our products.

Ecological Certification

The Certificación Ecológica, assured in Galicia by CRAEGA (Consello Regulador da Agricultura Ecológica de Galicia), determines that our products follow European organic farming standards with agricultural practices that respect the environment and animal welfare.


The Halal Certificate guarantees that our products comply with the requirements of Islamic Law and are therefore suitable for consumption by the Muslim population.


Kosher Certification guarantees that our products comply with the precepts of Kashrut according to Kosher policies. This certification guarantees food safety to be ingested by practitioners of the Jewish religion.


V-Label is the registered and internationally recognized vegan and vegetarian reference seal that labels our products as vegan and vegetarian..


The IFS Food Standard certifies that we strictly and rigorously comply with quality and food safety controls throughout the production process, ensuring safe, authentic and high quality products.

SAE Certification

This International Food Safety Certification guarantees compliance with specific self-monitoring systems and legal requirements as an importing country to ship our dairy products to any point outside the European Union.

International Food Quality Seals

Quality and Innovation in the DNA

The R&D&I Department is responsible for the development of each new product. From the initial ideation to the final stages of industrialization. We are also working on new technologies and processes, which allow us to develop products and make it easier to reach customers all over the world and provide them with an innovative and quality service.

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