Quescrem Culinary Yogurt

  • Aeration capacity

  • Consistent texture

  • Emulsifying capacity

  • FAT / Protein Balance

  • Lactic flavor

  • Stable structure

Quescrem Culinary Yogurt

Culinary Yogurt is the first yogurt specially designed for cooking. Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, we have succeeded in creating a CLEAN LABEL product, with a shelf life of up to 6 months without the need to incorporate artificial additives. Its higher degree of concentration provides the necessary consistency and stability to any elaboration. In addition, its characteristic and intense flavor of natural yogurt will be transferred to any elaboration. These characteristics have been recognized with the SIAL INNOVATION 2018 seal.
Cream, cow’s milk, milk proteins and lactic ferments.
kcal/100 g


High aeration capacity, which allows making very light and stable mousses and foams. Intense flavor that is maintained in the elaborations.

Ice cream:

Ideal for ice cream formulations due to its balance between fat and protein with a high intensity of yogurt flavor.

Dip and sauces:

Perfect for sauces due to the intensity of its flavor, its ease of melting and its resistance to acid.

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