receta tosta integral con kéfir salmón y aguacate quescrem

Whole wheat toast with kefir, salmon and avocado


6 slices of whole wheat bread
100g avocado
150g smoked or marinated salmon
150g of Quescrem Kefir Cream Cheese
20g chives
20g extra virgin olive oil
50g arugula


Kefir Cream Cheese brings a distinctive flavor and creamy texture to a healthy sandwich. A delicious and easy way to increase protein and calcium intake in the daily diet.



Mix the Quescrem Cream Cheese with the chopped fresh chives and the olive oil. Integrate all ingredients well.
Toast the bread slices and spread them with the above Kefir Cream Cheese mixture.
Place the arugula, thin slices of avocado and the salmon strips on top. Serve.


It can be decorated with salmon roe, green shoots and julienned pickled onion.

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