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Red Velvet

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Red Velvet sponge cake:

150 g of sunflower oil
226 g of sugar
100 g of eggs
4 g of liquid vanilla extract
234 g of weak flour
20 g of powdered cocoa
185 g of milk
5 g of lemon puree
45 g or water or beet juice
4 g of deep red color powder
15 g of apple vinegar
12 g of sodium bicarbonate
600 g of tpt syrup
400 g of raspberry puree

Fluffy Quescrem Original and vanilla:

400 g of Quescrem Cream cheese Original Recipe
520 g of cream
77 g of sugar
3 g of vanilla extract

Dry raspberry merengues:

446 g of raspberry puree
67 g of water
100 g of albumin powder
335 g of sugar
2 g of xanthan
60 g of freeze dried raspberry powder



Red Velvet sponge cake:

Mix the milk with the lemon juice and set aside. In the blender bowl put the sunflower oil, sugar and vanilla essence. Mix with spatula. Next add the eggs. Mix cocoa powder together with flour and coloring. Sieve and mix in with the previous mixture. Then add the curdled milk with lemon and water. Dispense into greased and floured molds. Bake at 180 ºC. The time will depend on the size and thickness. Mix the tpt syrup and the raspberry puree and set aside.



Mix together and whip up in the blender.


Dry merengues:

Mix the water, Raspberry puree and powdered albumin. Start to beat and add in the sugar. When it is almost whipped up add in the xanthan. Stop beating. Place it out and sprinkle raspberry powder on top. Dry at 85 °C for 24 h.


Bake the sponge cake in 10 cm. x 3 cm. round pie dishes. Tidy up the cake. Soak the sponge cake with raspberry syrup and fill with three alternating layers of cake with three layers of fluffy Quescrem cream cheese Original Recipe and vanilla. Finish with dry raspberry meringue, natural raspberries and chocolate decoration.

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