Frozen doughs for new market trends

Frozen doughs for new market trends

According to the latest study published by ASEMAC ( The Spanish Bakery, Pastry and Confectionery Industry Association), the industrial bakery and confectionery market reached a value of 3.9 billion euros in 2018. Within this sector, frozen doughs accounted for 34% of the industrial bakery, pastry and confectionery market in Spain, with growth in frozen pastries and cakes close to 3%.

The commitment to strong investment in R&D, diversity and the continuous launch of value-added products in this sector of the food industry are behind this growth. However, the challenge of maintaining and even improving these figures is still before us, and one of the keys will be the industry’s ability to continuously adapt to the needs of the consumer.

This is why we have produced a Frozen Dough Guide that provides information on trends in the frozen dough sector and potential innovation opportunities for food companies working in this sector of the food industry for Retail and Horeca.

The keys to innovation in the frozen dough sector

Frozen doughs can be the answer to many consumer demands, and these are some of the key issues that we develop in greater depth in our Frozen Dough Guide:

  • Healthy, sustainable and quality alternatives for the Consumer Market.

There is a new consumer profile that cares about health and diet, reads the labelling of the products they consume, and is willing to pay more in exchange for higher quality. In this sense, Clean Label products are gaining strength and the challenge is to develop innovative products that respond to their demands by offering healthy, sustainable and quality alternatives for Retail and the Consumer Market.

  • Breakfast, the most popular time for consumption

Breakfast is one of the fastest growing consumption moments in Spain for frozen pastries and cakes. The new trends demand healthier ingredients for pastries consumed at home and elsewhere.

  • Other key points to keep in mind

We review in the guide some issues such as the awareness of naturalness; the demand for attractive, unique or exotic flavours; new and surprising textures; high quality premium ingredients; nutritional enrichment, etc.

  • How we can help you

In our Frozen Dough Guide we provide examples of needs identified by customers in the food industry to which we have responded by developing and testing customized cream cheeses for use as an ingredient in frozen dough, pastry and bakery products, ice cream, as well as pre-cooked products and sauces. In these cases, a significant improvement has been achieved in the manufacturing process, reducing wastage, improving the balance of costs and time, etc.

You can access the full contents of the guide by downloading it for free here Frozen Dough Guide to seduce consumers in Retail and Horeca.