Award to the best business project in Galicia for the 1st plant in Spain that converts permeate into biogas.

We are very happy because we have been awarded in the category of Best Business Project of the Galicia Food Awards 2022, granted by the Galician Food Cluster.

We received this recognition with great enthusiasm for our circular economy initiative, which uses all the liquid co-products from our facilities, together with the permeate to produce biogas. Permeate is a dairy co-product generated in the cheese making process. Thus, we are the first facility of this type to be created in Spain.

“Concern for sustainability has always been a constant for us. We seek innovative solutions that reduce resource consumption, enhance the circularity of processes and bring us closer to zero waste,” explains Jesús Zapico, our Director of Industry 4.0.

Lactose and other permeate components become contaminants when the liquid is released into the environment without any type of treatment. That is why from the beginning we explored several alternatives to valorize it and so we finally opted for its use to produce biogas through its processing in an anaerobic digester.


The biogas plant allows us to contribute our grain of sand to respect the environment and natural resources, in addition to considerable energy savings, less dependence on fossil fuels, a reduction of polluting gas emissions and the creation of wealth with the generation of reusable materials such as fertilizer sludge.


We would also like to congratulate the other winners of this edition of the Galicia Food Awards for their initiatives and projects.

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