Quescrem with the Galicia Calidade seal of approval

Francisco Conde, economic vice-president and Regional Minister of Economy, visited our facilities to present us with the Galicia Calidade seal, and acknowledged that this seal on our products guarantees a continued commitment over time to the transformation and valorization of the Galician dairy sector.


The Galicia Calidade seal “accredits the quality of the raw material: 100% Galician milk from local farms in a region with a long dairy tradition,” Conde says. Likewise, from his visit, the counselor believes that “all the qualities and nutritional properties of this raw material are taken advantage of through R&D&I, with a department where the company reinvests close to 10 percent of its income because innovation is in Quescrem’s DNA”.


For Quescrem, this seal is very important because for years we have been proudly carrying the quality of Galician products around the world. From now on we can affirm that we are also Galicia Calidade and we are very satisfied with this recognition because it values all the work of our team and the constant effort to get the best out of the exceptional raw materials with which we work.

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