Quescrem Formula: discover cream cheese à la carte

Cream cheese is a product whose production requires technological, culinary and product development know-how. Historically, the manufacture of this food has been led by European and American multinationals, but this strong competition did not stop the team that, in 2006, led the Dairy Products Classroom of the USC (University of Santiago de Compostela) and developed its own cream cheese production process.

In these early days, the industry was not interested in purchasing it, until this team of researchers focused on creating Innolact, the company that would start producing its cream cheese a year later, under a new brand name, Quescrem. Two years later, Quescrem developed and launched the first Mascarpone from Galicia, and it was this product that gave rise to our first product diversification.

Since our inception, we have made innovation and product development part of our identity. Producing a cream cheese of the highest quality for the food industry, gastronomy professionals and individuals, adapting to the needs of all of them, is not an easy task. That is why we have always focused our efforts on achieving this.

In 2011, Quescrem decided to further strengthen its commitment to research and development. Our commitment to provide more value to our customers every day implied the customization of products to adapt to their most specific and demanding needs, as well as improving processes and developing new products. That was the year in which our R&D&I department was born, one of the most important departments in the company today.

Tailor-made solutions from Galicia for the whole world

In this sense, our specialized R&D&I team is constantly updated on current and future trends in the food industry, in order to develop products in line with the needs and demands of consumers. This knowledge of the sector is duly complemented with the most advanced process technology, thanks to which we can create the solutions best adapted to the real needs of our customers.

The food industry’s quest for excellence, differentiation and specialization means that cream cheese has to adapt to specific processes and requirements. These customized formulations can include a multitude of cream cheese variants with unique and customized properties and characteristics. Of course, always in compliance with specific functionality requirements, such as good aeration, stability in mounting and mixability with other ingredients.

Without going any further, Quescrem’s capacity for innovation and development has made it possible to create products that have achieved great success abroad, as in the case of China. Thanks to the effort and work in research and development that is carried out on each product, in 2020 we managed to open the first subsidiary in the Asian country. Some of the products that have gained high relevance in the Asian country are Quescrem with blueberries or banana.

The most personalized cream cheese

Our experience allows us to offer to the food industry a cream cheese that provides a distinctive distinctive value to the products, standardized formulations and customized solutions to different processes in the industry.

Among our wide range of customization possibilities it is possible to find, in the first place, special organoleptic characteristicsas different textures, flavors and colors. Also specific nutritional restrictions, such as lactose-free restrictions, such as lactose-free products, as well as specific technological specific technological behaviors, as in Quescrem Plus, the first cream cheese to withstand extreme temperatures.Quescrem Plus, the first cream cheese that withstands extreme temperatures.

In addition to this, we have a wide variety of products in terms of raw materials. raw materialas it is the ecological or vegan matter. On the other hand, at Quescrem we develop other very different cheesesmade with olives, seaweed, cheddar, etc. And finally, we have products Clean Labelthe label that ensures that they do not include any ingredients with E numbers.

Quescrem Formula: a team process aimed at success

The Quescrem Formula is based on the process of a team that works hand in hand, day after day, to achieve the highest quality solutions. This process consists of several steps, all of them necessary and meticulously carried out by each member of the team, aligned to achieve success in our activity.

Beginnings in the R&D&I department

The beginning of the magic of Quescrem Formula takes place in the research, development and innovation department. This team works, in a initial joint meetingThe initial joint meeting is focused on the analysis of the client’s requirements, defining the objectives and needs of the product to be developed according to these demands.

After this, a work plan proposal is work plan proposalThe client must validate it, so that our team can start developing the pilot product.

On the other hand, we also have a strategic line of R&D&I work, where, instead of focusing on the specific needs of a client, we detect unresolved needs in the market. unresolved needs in the market. In this sense, we proceed to develop specific technologies or products that can to add value to the sector.

Hands on: pilot development

The development of this first prototype product is taking place in our pilot plant. first product prototype. A multitude of tests and samples are carried out, pursuing the achievement of the objective and seeking to cover all the needs that our client has established in the first step.

Samples are sent to the customer, who will will evaluate the product in order to make the necessary adjustments until final validation. Thus, the product prototype that we will finally develop is born.

Industrial scale product validation

Subsequently, this pilot is sent to our factory for an industrial-scale product test. industrial scale product test. Final adjustments are then made to this industrial process to achieve final validation of the new cream cheese.

This is how a new product is born at Quescrem.

Once this process has been completed, we could say that a new, fully customized product has been born. completely customized product has been born to those initial needs expressed by the customer.

At Quescrem we collaborate in the development of these innovative and differentiated products, simplifying processes, times and costs. In addition, thanks to this careful development process, we guarantee the maximum quality and product standardization. After all this, we also provide customer support and a permanent warranty service. At Quescrem, the customer comes first.

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