Quescrem, new cream cheese supplier for Manolo Bakes

The chain’s breakfast toasts already feature cream cheese made in Lugo in its more than 40 points of sale in Spain.

Quescrem is incorporated as the new cream cheese supplier for Manolo Bakes, thanks to its reputation for quality and innovation in the dairy sector. The well-known restaurant chain has added two toasts with Quescrem cream cheese as breakfast options in its 42 establishments in Spain.

The cream cheese used by the Manolo Bakes chain for its breakfast service is presented in a practical 800-gram Manga Pastelera format and is one of Quescrem’s latest innovations in the market. This product is created with local raw materials, manufactured in Castro Riberas de Lea, in Lugo, and has the Galicia Calidade seal. This presentation not only guarantees freshness and convenience, but also aligns with the sustainability efforts of both companies.

An innovative product aimed at professionals

Quescrem’s Pastry Sleeve is not only a practical culinary solution, but also a commitment to reducing food waste, plastic waste and personalizing the dining experience. Aimed at catering professionals as well as chefs and pastry chefs, this product offers unparalleled versatility, adapting to the needs and preferences of each customer.

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