Quescrem Cream Cheese Quescrem Blue Cheese

  • Combinable flavor

  • Creamy texture

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Emulsifying capacity

Quescrem Cream Cheese Quescrem Blue Cheese

Give a touch of powerful flavor to your dishes with a cream cheese made with authentic blue cheese crumbs. Try it in sandwiches and snacks or as an ingredient for your sauces. You will love it!
Mazada (milk), cow’s milk, cream, blue cheese (9%) [pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet, penicillium roqueforti], salt, stabilizer (carrageenan), preservative (sorbic acid) and lactic ferments.

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Very easy to handle and spread. It provides a very creamy texture to snacks and dippings, combining perfectly with nuts and fruit jams.


Very easy to mix with other ingredients providing a creamy texture.

Savory pies:

Perfect for making blue cheese flavored cakes easily and quickly. Provides a smooth and creamy texture.

Open and …. ready to enjoy an extreme creaminess and an exquisite flavor. Our home products have been created with the best raw materials, fresh and local to make you enjoy every moment of the day, whether it is breakfast, dinner or a cake you want to make for a special occasion.

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