Mascarpone Quescrem

  • Aeration capacity

  • Baking stability

  • Consistent texture

  • Creamy texture

  • Stability of other ingredients

  • Stable structure

  • Time reduction

Mascarpone Quescrem

Quescrem Mascarpone has a dairy flavor and aroma. It stands out for its creamy and silky texture without the addition of stabilizers. It is perfect for all types of applications, especially tiramisu. It is made with local raw materials. A lactose-free version is available.
Pasteurized cream, milk, acidity regulator: citric acid
kcal/100 g

Tiramisu and mousses:

Ideal for making tiramisu and mousses due to its aeration capacity, stability and sweet taste.

Cakes and biscuits:

Pleasant flavor and a creamy and stable texture ideal for refrigerated cakes minimizing the use of gelatin. Provides a mild milky flavor to cakes.


Its flavor and texture make it an ideal base for dippings, acting as a vehicle for other flavors.


The perfect substitute for butter or cream. Reduces processing time and improves the nutritional values of the recipe.


It resists baking without losing its structure, making it perfect for use as a topping on pizzas.

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