receta bizcocho yogur culinario quescrem

Culinary Yogurt Cake


Yogurt cake

250 g Quescrem Culinary Yogurt
75 g egg yolk
150 g sugar
150 g egg white
200 g of flour
80 g almond flour
15 g of impeller
80 g sunflower oil
50 g powdered sugar



To prepare this Culinary Yogurt cake, whip the egg yolks with 75 g of sugar.

Then add the Quescrem Culinary Yogurt and the sunflower oil and continue beating until smooth.

On the other hand, make a meringue with the egg whites and the rest of the sugar. Stir the meringue into the previous batter. Add the almond flour, plain flour, and the impeller a little at a time.

Wrap the mold in silicone paper, fill with the mixture and bake at 170º C for 45 minutes.


Once cooled, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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