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Ingredients for the food industry

Cheese is becoming more popular in the food industry, an industry that needs products that match certain quality, preservation and usage requirements. For that reason, we manufacture ingredients with features and functionalities that can be adapted to different sectors within the industry, but also to different production processes.

We work with the R&D departments of our clients — together with Marketing and Purchasing departments — to develop cream cheeses that add value to their products. Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, we have standardized formulas that are unique to Quescrem and that provide solutions to specific uses. We have also worked on our own methodology and workflow to develop bespoke formulas. We have a sample generation system in pilot plant and industrial scale that validates progress throughout the whole project before placing the product in the market.



Adaptable flavour

Our cream cheese has a lactic and natural flavour that infuses all recipes. We can also flavour our cheeses on demand with different ingredients and flavours.


Creamy, uniform and stable texture

From light and liquid consistency to more solid and malleable textures, our portfolio includes products with different properties suited to the different processing needs of the food industry.



Our cream cheese is very stable when whipped, a consistent feature in practically all our recipes, in many cases without added stabilisers.


Emulsifying properties

The key of our recipes for the food industry is their high performance, enhanced by the emulsifying properties of our products.


  • Pastries
  • Frozen pastries
  • Patisserie
  • Ice cream
  • Precooked foods
  • Sauces


Products that can be made into sweet or savoury fillings for doughs, such as croissants, Danish pastries, brioches, etc.

Frozen pastries

Products that do not lose any of their culinary properties or alter their appearance when added to processes with freeze-thaw cycles.


Products with textures that can be measured out and piped mechanically to make cakes, pies and desserts, both for sheet cakes and individual cakes.

Ice cream

Our products are perfect for ice cream recipes because their fat/protein balance offers extra stability.

Precooked foods

We have products designed to endure all heating processes (baking, frying and steaming) without loosing their shape and organoleptic properties.


As they stand up well to the addition of acids, alcohol and heat without curdling, our products add texture and creaminess to cold and hot sauces, but also a unique flavour.

Bespoke recipes

We are specialised in the development of bespoke recipes for the industry. Our R&D department and our innovation resources are at the industrial customer’s service.