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Innovation is Quescrem’s key to success. Over 10% of our annual turnover is invested back into our Research Department, where we work in six different areas of innovation in order to create products, services and processes that can meet the needs of our clients from the industry, hospitality and retail sectors.


We are committed to our industry clients. We have our own team of culinary technicians and a panel of associate professional cooks and patissiers to assist our clients with their needs.

They also analyse our products from an organoleptic and functional point of view, and we develop new applications and recipes for professional cooks and patissiers. This also helps us to stay abreast of culinary trends, and our recommendations are better suited to the menus of our clients in the hospitality and patisserie sectors.

Areas of innovation

  • Our cheeses
  • New uses and textures
  • Clean Label
  • Baby Food
  • New packaging
  • New processes

We work in the development of new flavours for our cream cheese range, focusing particularly on health, convenience and enjoyment.
We study, for example, how different conditions can affect the functional and rheological properties in order to achieve a specific composition, viscosity, texture and functionality. This can help us adapt our products according to the requirements and needs of the different markets and channels.
We are working to increase our portfolio of clean label products to meet the growing demand from the food industry and consumers all over the world.
By studying ingredients and Quescrem products that satisfy the legal criteria for children’s food we are able to produce new products.
We take part in the BIALAC project, aimed at developing low cost bioplastics made from whey.
As part of our ongoing commitment to improve, we are changing our production processes to satisfy our clients’ needs in a more efficient and speedy manner.

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