Kefir Cookies

Tiramisu mousse for fillings

Cheesecake cream with white chocolate and strawberries

Pork tenderloin with goat cheese log sauce

Yoghurt and cucumber dip

Creamy Cheese Brûlée

Glasses of goat log mousse with honey and nougat

Kefir Peach Cake

Stracchino Paninni

Stracchino Tagliatelle with mushrooms & cherry tomatoes

Mascarpone frosting

Cheese frosting

Yoghurt Frosting

Organic cheese frosting

Tiramisu frosting

Chocolate Mugcake

Tiramisu glasses

Lemon Cheesecake shots

Stracchino Pizza

Gluten-free cheese and chicken curry croquettes

Manchego Burger

Mini chicken & roll goat sandwich