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Mascarpone frosting

We are the largest exporter into China of Spanish cheese

How to make the best tiramisu

Técnico/a de Procesos

We are celebrating 15 years!

The Spanish tapa, the perfect culinary concept for your business


Tips for a perfect Basque Cheesecake

Basque Cheesecake

Chocolate Basque Cheesecake

Kefir Cookies

Quescrem CSR Report 2020

Tiramisu mousse for fillings

Latticed Apple Cheesecake

Spanish potato omelette stuffed with goat cheese and caramelized onion

Cheesecake cream with white chocolate and strawberries

Savoury goat cheese log cheesecake with mushrooms

Pumpkin gnocchi with stracchino and ham

Pork tenderloin with goat cheese log sauce

Classic Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake for delivery

Peppers filled with cheese and prawns in tempura

Yoghurt and cucumber dip

Risotto with pesto, Stracchino and prawns

Creamy Cheese Brûlée

Glasses of goat log mousse with honey and nougat

Lactose-free tiramisu pudding

Lactose free tiramisu brownie

How to make the best cake frosting

Kefir Carrot Cake

Kefir Peach Cake

Stracchino Paninni

Stracchino Tagliatelle with mushrooms & cherry tomatoes

Cheese frosting

Yoghurt Frosting

Organic cheese frosting

Tiramisu frosting

Salted caramel cheesecake

New York-style Yoghurt Cake

Yoghurt swiss roll

Mojito cheesecake

New Delivery Guide to help the Horeca sector

Baked Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake

Brownies with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Mugcake

Tiramisu glasses

Lemon Cheesecake shots

Frozen pastries: the challenge of satisfying new costumers

Mushroom and truffle lasagne (no bechamel)

Chocolate & pink pepper cheesecake

Frozen doughs for new market trends

The most popular cheesecakes: from sticks to cocktails

How to add seasonal ingredients to your menu

Quescrem Plus with Brie

Japanese Style Cheesecake

Matcha tea, apple and lime tiramisu

Sushi California

Adilac sin lactosa

Fish balls with yoghurt sauce

Cookies Policy

Oatmeal Pancakes with chocolate

Tiramisu cheesecake

Yoghurt ice cream

Regular Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese with Chocolate and Hazelnuts

Children’s Regular Cream Cheese

70% less fat

Cream Cheese with Seaweed

Cream Cheese with Mussels in Brine

Cream Cheese with Olives

Cream Cheese with San Simón da Costa

Cream Cheese with Torta del Casar

Cream Cheese with Manchego Cheese

Lactose-free mascarpone

Mascarpone Cheese

Creamy texture

Exotic touch

Cream Cheese with Pink Pepper

Rich flavour

Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs 200 g

Cream Cheese with Blue Cheese 200 g

Goat Cream Cheese

Lactose-free Cream Cheese

Very stable in ice cream creations

Organic Cream Cheese 200 g

+PRO cream cheese

Quescrem Light

Kefir Cream Cheese

Fresh Cheese Original Recipe

Crème Fraîche Épaisse

Heat resistant

Culinary Yoghurt

Lactose-free mascarpone

Cuts back on butter

Gets whipped in less time

Mascarpone 42% fat

Can be sliced

Stable structure at high temperatures

Keeps its shape



Special Cream Cheese for Sushi

Ease to handle and pipe

Quescrem Plus

Fresh goat cheese taste

Balanced flavour

Goat Cream Cheese

Strong Manchego cheese flavour

Cream Cheese with Manchego Cheese

Aerates and gives stability to mousses

Very easy to use

Strong flavour

0% waste

Cream Cheese with Goat Cheese Log

Easy to work with

Cream Cheese with Blue Cheese

Emulsifies fat and liquid

Creamy texture with herbs

A flavour that stands out

Aromatic touch

Cream Cheese with Garlic and Herbs

The environmentally sustainable choice

Organic Cream Cheese

Lactose-free cream cheese

+PRO cream cheese

Light and healthier option

Light Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Original Recipe

Easy to spread

Quescrem Professional


Regular Cream Cheese

Quescrem Plus Regular

Authentic goat cheese log flavour

Quescrem Plus with Goat Cheese Log

Organic Cream Cheese

Firm and stable texture

Quescrem Cream Cheese Firm Texture

Quescrem Cream Cheese Light Texture

Suitable for lactose intolerant

Dairy flavour

Good for grilling

Higher milk content

High nutritional value

Soft texture

Goes well with many flavours

The perfect acid touch

Crème Fraîche Epaisse Industry

Lactic flavor

Acid resistant

Culinary yoghurt

Easy to combine

Melts easily

Mascarpone 35% fat

Creamy and light texture

Lactose-free mascarpone

Creamy, uniform and easy-to-use texture

Adaptable flavour

Clean Label

Mascarpone 42% fat

Without palm oil

55% less sugar

With natural hazelnuts and cocoa

Quescrem Plus with Chocolate and Hazelnut

Quescrem Plus with Garlic and herbs

No waste

Resistant to freezing

Resistant to boiling

Resistant to frying

Unique flavour

Stable after baking

Quescrem Plus with Blue cheese


Available on request

Creamy and light texture

Natural and fresh flavour

Lactose-free Cream Cheese

Time saving

Low in fat

High protein content

Light Cream Cheese

Firm texture

Stability of other ingredients

Soft taste

Perfect texture

Cream Cheese Original Recipe

Acid resistant

Easy to melt

Creamy and easy-to-use texture

Fat/protein balance

Stable structure

Emulsifying capacity

Easy to pipe

Emulsifying properties


Creamy, uniform and stable texture

Adaptable flavour

Aeration capacity

Kefir Cream Cheese


Visit us at BIOFACH to know our new Quescrem Organic Range!

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Rice pudding crispy cheesecake

Red Velvet

Mini pork sirloin burger with grilled fresh cheese


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Lactose-free cheese and onion croquettes

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Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

How to make the perfect dessert

Gluten-free cheese and chicken curry croquettes

Group set menus: Why you should offer them

Healthy desserts, a new trend

Manchego Burger

Silky mousses with a stable structure: a few tips and tricks

Quescrem’s new children’s range

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Mini chicken & roll goat sandwich

Tapas: a trendy tradition

Dairy products in the professional kitchen

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We go through ANUGA 2019 to introduce our new products

Healthy ingredients: more than a trend

Yoghurt and Raspberry Cake

Cheesecake ice cream

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15% growth thanks to innovation and international trade

Goat cheese and fudge cheesecake

Bite of fresh cheese with tuna tataki

Bite of fresh cheese with beetroot hummus

Six skills of the perfect chef

Practical, traditional and healthy: key purchase factors

How to make the perfect cheesecake

Our culinary yoghurt selected for SIAL INNOVATION 2018

Cream cheese, more than a spreadable cheese

Quescrem in TOP 50 according to Alimarket

Quescrem receives a Galicia Alimentación 2018 award for its market strategy and internationalization

What is buttermilk?

Quescrem extends its culinary products range with the new Manchego cheese cream

Quescrem returns to present a unique product in the Spanish market, mascarpone 0% lactose

Discover all the possibilities of Quescrem cream cheese with goat cheese log

Quescrem named Innovative SME

Quescrem receives the Éxito Empresarial Award