Greenster: our plant-based alternative to cream cheese is born in the middle of the Plant-Based Revolution

At Quescrem, research and development are crucial to our processes. For this reason, our R&D&I is constantly searching for innovative solutions and differentiated products of high value for the professional channel and the food industry.

These efforts have resulted in products such as Greenster a vegan a vegan almond spread fermented like a cream cheese. Considering that we are in the midst of the Plant-Based nutrition revolution. At Quescrem, we have developed this plant-based alternative to cream cheese with three principles in mind: future food, radiant nutrition and environmental awareness.

Read on to learn more about Greenster and the Plant-Based era!

What are Plant-Based products?

We hear more and more about “Plant-Based” products, but there is a lot of ignorance around this concept.

Plant-Based products are those made made only with raw materials of plant origin. Even so, it is common that, despite not including ingredients of animal origin in their composition, they are inspired by them. These foods are created, as is to be expected, with the purpose of encouraging health care and promoting a healthier diet. But are these the only benefits of Plant-Based products?

The success of Plant-Based foods

Today, Plant-Based nutrition is in full expansion. In fact, for several years now, it could be said that we have been in the midst of a Plant-Based revolution.

Usually, these foods are chosen because they are considered healthier, because of their taste or because they are perfect for vegan or vegetarian diets. In addition to these clear health benefits, Plant-Based products stand out for being more sustainable than animal-based products.

In environmental terms, this type of food helps reduce the carbon footprint by up to 73%. They also require less agricultural land and fewer natural resources than those of animal origin.

This Plant-Based boom lays the foundation for the momentous change that is taking place in the eating habits of society globally. Environmental and healthy eating awareness continues to grow and, consequently, so does the demand for plant-based and more sustainable alternatives to animal-based foods.

In Europe, the 4 largest markets for Plant-Based products are, respectively, Germany, which leads with a sales value of more than 1,911M euros, followed by the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, where 31.2% of the population already consumes this type of food on a daily basis.

This is Greenster, our Plant-Based product.

The future will be Green or it won’t be. 

From Quescrem we present our almond spread fermented as cream cheese, Greenster under this slogan and with three principles in mind:

Future food

Plant-Based foods lay the foundations for the food of the future: exceptional taste exceptional taste in a healthy and sustainable product. Our Greenster is made as a classic cream cheese, but we use the following ingredients local fermented almonds instead of milk.

In addition, Greenster has the V-Label, an internationally registered label that identifies vegan and vegetarian products.

Radiant nutrition

With a Nutriscore A, the nutritional quality of this almond spread exceeds that of any other normal fresh cheese. In addition, it has a high fiber content and an ideal balance between fat and protein (8.4%).

Environmental awareness

Containing a minimum of 35% of local almonds, so local raw materials, the production of Greenster helps to reduce the carbon footprint and contributes to the promotion of local employment. On the other hand, its recycled packaging contributes to the reduction of waste and pollution.

In addition to all these features and benefits, Greenster has a very low sugar content and does not include preservatives, artificial substances, palm or coconut oils.

Discover Greenster's applications

The natural composition of almonds and the ease of handling help Greenster to have a wide range of functionality and functionality and versatility exceptional. In particular, it is used as an ingredient in cakes and sauces, among a multitude of other preparations.

First of all, the smooth taste of almonds, their creaminess and ease of handling handling make this product ideal to combine with any ingredient. In this way, it will be possible to develop a wide range of multitude of snacks allowing the cook to develop his creativity.

Secondly, this fermented vegan creamy is perfect for making vegan ice cream thanks to its balance between protein and fat. Greenster can be used to formulate ice cream bases minimizing the number of ingredients.

Greenster can also be used to make vegan cakes both sweet and savory. In addition, it functions as natural egg substitute.

Finally, it should be noted that its acidic flavor from fermentation makes this almond spread the ideal ingredient for the preparation of elaboration of mousses.

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