The future will be Green or
will not be.

Greenster is a delicious alternative to cheese cream created with three principles in mind.
greenster queso crema vegano

Future Food

Created with local fermented almonds, Greenster is made like a classic cream cheese but using almonds instead of milk, an exceptional flavor that is less polluting and healthier.

Radiant Nutrition

With a Nutriscore A, Greenster outperforms any other regular fresh cheese. In addition, it is high in fiber and other nutrients that help our consumers feel a sense of well-being on a daily basis.

Environmental Awareness

Local almonds help us reduce our carbon footprint compared to a traditional cream cheese.
In addition, recycled packaging will help our consumers make the right choices by reducing waste and pollution.

Bye Bye Preservatives

We have made an almond spread without preservatives or artificial substances. Only almonds, ferments, water, citric fiber and a pinch of salt. How healthy!

Green Source of Health

Greenster is a source of fiber, protein and has a low sugar content due to its radical commitment to natural products. Who said taste was at odds with health?

Hello! Almonds from Spain

With a minimum 35% local almond content, Greenster is the most natural alternative to a dairy-based cheese.

greenster queso crema almendra

Recipe Book

Kitchen, Greenster,

The natural composition of almonds helps it to have an exceptional functionality when used as an ingredient in cakes and sauces. We recommend you to download any of our recipe books to prove that cooking with Greenster you can go as far as your imagination takes you!

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