Surprise yourself with the gourmet flavor of Quescrem Christmas Special.

Inspire your celebrations with this limited edition cream cheese with Stilton, mushrooms and truffle.


On the eve of the holiday season, Quescrem launches the Christmas Special Edition, a gourmet cream cheese that perfectly harmonizes the exquisite flavor of Stilton blue cheese, authentic truffles from the Spanish forests and selected Canarellus mushrooms and mushrooms. This limited edition, meticulously crafted by Quescrem, is the ideal gift for cheese lovers this holiday season.

Together with the renowned chef, Héctor López, Quescrem ambassador and chef of Restaurante España, we have created a
Christmas recipe book
exclusive. This recipe book presents eight innovative and simple ideas designed to bring out the unique flavor of Quescrem Especial Navidad at your holiday celebrations.

The Quescrem Christmas Special packaging is designed with a premium touch, detailed with shiny gold elements and a limited edition in a vibrant Christmas red color, capturing the festive essence of the season. This Special Edition represents an exclusive gastronomic experience that promises to delight the senses this holiday season.

Discover the magic of cream cheese with a unique Christmas touch with Quescrem!
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