Our values -

Our values

  • Excellence

    We promote the continuous improvement of our methods and projects, and we follow high quality standards in our day-to-day work.

  • Innovation

    We create and promote new ideas that can help us improve, but also our environment.

  • Global spirit

    We are connected through new technologies and are flexible to be close to our clients, both locally and internationally.

  • Sustainability

    We take responsibility for the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our company, its region and the dairy industry.

  • Nonconformity

    We devote time, effort and resources to improve our work, processes, capacity and skills.

  • Passion and commitment

    We are committed to the needs and objectives of our company, applying them with enthusiasm and sharing its vision, mission and values.

  • Collaborative talent

    We promote a collaborative environment that is also integrating, active and receptive, working towards common goals.

  • Integrity

    We act according to our values, building loyal, honest and transparent relationships.

Our employees say

Rocío Arias, Coordinator of New Product Development
I have been working in Quescrem’s R&D Department since 2012, in a dynamic working environment, feeling part of the company. Here I have found an opportunity to learn, train and grow professionally and personally. To be able to know and enjoy all the ins and outs of a company like this, that never tires of innovating and improving, is for me a real privilege.

Alba Méndez, Organisation and People Technician

I joined Quescrem in 2015 after graduating from university. Working here has given me an opportunity to learn every day and has helped me greatly not only professionally, but also personally. I believe that passion and constant innovation are values that perfectly represent the Quescrem team, and which differentiate us from other companies.

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