Cream Cheese Kefir Cream Cheese Quescrem

  • Aeration capacity

  • Creamy texture

  • Easy melting

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Emulsifying capacity

  • Stable structure

Cream Cheese Kefir Cream Cheese Quescrem

The first kefir spread on the market, with high protein content and an intense, milky and fresh flavor. It is made with high quality and local raw materials, with no added preservatives or stabilizers.
Mazada (milk), cow’s milk, cream, salt and lactic ferments from kefir.
kcal/100 g


Distinctive flavor and creamy and manipulable texture, ideal for dipping.


A perfect option to prepare all kinds of toasts, sandwiches or healthy wraps with an intense kefir flavor.


Its excellent melting behavior makes it an ideal cheese for making creamy, bright sauces with a distinctive flavor.


It allows the elaboration of cakes and creams as well as favoring the combination of flavors.

We develop customized solutions for industrial clients, we have been researching and creating cream cheese for more than a decade, we are specialists in the elaboration process, which allows us to alter the composition and process to find the exact functionality and flavor that your company is looking for.

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