Quescrem Organic Cream Cheese

  • Combinable flavor

  • Consistent texture

  • Creamy texture

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Emulsifying capacity

  • G.M. / Protein Balance

  • Time reduction

Quescrem Organic Cream Cheese

Quescrem BIO is made with 100% organic fresh milk from Galicia, free of GMOs and artificial additives. A sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative with ecological certification.
Cow’s milk*, salt*, lactose*, carob seed flour* and lactic ferments (*all ingredients are from organic farming).


Mild flavor, easily combined with other organic ingredients in the preparation of organic snacks. Very easy to spread.


Perfect for making organic sauces with creamy and shiny textures in a fast way. Maintains all the flavor of the cream cheese, enhanced by heating. In addition, it emulsifies easily with liquid ingredients.


Perfect for the elaboration of organic mousses due to its great aeration capacity and its stable and silky texture.


It allows the production of organic cakes, both baked and refrigerated. It provides a smooth, creamy texture that remains after baking.

Ice cream:

Suitable for use in organic ice cream formulations due to its raw materials and good balance between fat and protein.

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