Quescrem returns to present a unique product in the Spanish market, mascarpone 0% lactose -

Quescrem returns to present a unique product in the Spanish market, mascarpone 0% lactose

Quescrem, leader in the professional market, moved to the consumer its expertise and innovation in cream cheese, with the launch of its latest addition, Mascarpone 0% lactose.

Seeking to contribute to the final consumer the same quality and specialization, which characterizes all of its professional ranges, Quescrem continues its retail strategy contribute  to market with unique, differentiated products and high added value.

This way Quescrem complete its portfolio in retail with the mascarpone 0% lactose, intended for those intolerant people, as for which they want to improve their digestion and take care of your health as well.  Pioneer in the nationwide launch of the first organic cream cheese and the first lactose-free cream cheese from Spain, Quescrem also offers to consumers a range gourmet, with exclusive and original flavors, which is has recently added the cheese spread with Manchego P.D.O. All they made with materials raw differentiated, that they confer to the product some features unique for texture, flavour, nutritional value, and others effects positive on the health.

The new mascarpone of Quescrem 0% lactose is available in format of 250 g, in the network of hypermarkets Carrefour, it is especially thought for those people that do not tolerate the lactose. Light and soft, it adapts to any preparation in the kitchen. In addition, it maintains its natural essence thanks to its production process, which maintains the fullness of its flavor. It has a sweet, soft and slightly dairy flavor with a very creamy texture.

The mascarpone is one of the cream cheese over fashion, thanks to its versatility in dishes sweet and salty. Also is a substitute perfect and light for any elaboration with cream or that require a texture creamy.