receta cake queso crema y calabaza con esponjoso de mascarpone quescrem

Cream cheese and pumpkin cake with mascarpone sponge


For the Natural Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake

160 g of Quescrem Natural
180 g egg whites
160 g honey
120 g almond flour
100 g egg yolks
100 g roasted pumpkin puree
90 g of flour
8 g of impeller
3 g of lemon peel zest
1 g cinnamon powder

For the Mascarpone Quescrem sponge cake

395g of Mascarpone Quescrem
450 g cream 35% M.G.
72 g milk
70 g sugar
8 g gelatin



For the Natural Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cake

Make a meringue with the egg whites, sugar and honey.

2. On the other hand, make a porridge with egg yolks, roasted pumpkin puree and Quescrem Natural.

3. Mix the meringue to the roasted pumpkin cream and Quescrem Natural.

4. Then add the almond flour together with the baking powder, flour, cinnamon and the grated lemon peel.

5. Place in greased molds lined with baking paper. Bake in a bain-marie oven at 160 ºC for 50 minutes.


For the Mascarpone Quescrem sponge cake

1. Hydrate the gelatins with cold water.

2. Heat the milk together with the sugar to boiling point.

3. Add the gelatine leaves and break up well.

4. Pour the mixture over Mascarpone Quescrem.

5. Add the cold cream while mixing with the turmix.

6. Refrigerate for 6 hours and assemble.

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