receta pudin kefir fresas y chia quescrem

Kefir pudding with chia and strawberries

recetas con queso fresco

2 people

tiempo receta
30 min


150 g of strawberries (fresh or frozen)
35 g of agave syrup or honey
150 g Quescrem Kefir cream cheese
15 g chia seeds
40 g of muesli



Cook the strawberries with the agave syrup or honey over low heat, stirring constantly until the fruit is undone. If it remains dry, a little water can be added.


Mix the Quescrem Kefir cream cheese with 120 g of the previously made jam and reserve the remaining 50 g for later.


Add the chia to the kefir and jam mixture and let stand for a minimum of 4 hours to thicken and form the pudding.


Assemble glasses with the kefir strawberry pudding and the previously reserved strawberry jam as a topping. Another option is to alternate layers of both.


Garnish with muesli and some strawberries on top.

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