The most popular cheesecakes: from sticks to cocktails -

The most popular cheesecakes: from sticks to cocktails

Cheesecakes are a classic sweet treat. They are in the Olympus of cakes, next to fondants, chocolate tarts, your grandma’s sponge cake or lemon pies. Decade after decade, the cheesecake has reinvented itself by adding new ingredients to the classic recipe. That’s the good thing about classics, their formula is so perfect that reinvention becomes an easy pleasure! 


From the finest restaurants to the smallest bakeries, cheesecakes are always on offer. Not only in their most traditional version but also new recipes that vary in their presentation (in a glass, lollipops, cocktails…) but also in the ingredients used (fruit, fudge, Oreos… and even spirits!).

Impress your clients with new recipes they will want to copy back at home. Creativity is contagious! And many chefs are using it to innovate with their cheesecakes.


La Viña Cheesecake, a traditional recipe that always succeeds

The La Viña restaurant, in San Sebastian, makes one of the most iconic cheesecakes in Spain. It is so popular that its recipe is known as the La Viña Cheesecake. Its recipe uses the ingredients of the classic cheesecake: cream cheese, eggs, sugar, flour and whipping cream. The key to its success is how simply it is, as it does not have a biscuit base or any other extra ingredient. Its creaminess, the right amount of sweetness and the standing time after baking make it unique. Highly recommended for those who love cheese and perfect to make with our Queso Crema Natural.


Trendy cheesecakes: innovate with the ingredients

As we mentioned earlier, a classic becomes one when it improves with time and can be reinvented. As it happens with cheesecakes. Take the original recipe as a starting point and innovate with other ingredients, always paying attention to balance.


Replace cream cheese with…

If you don’t want to be too adventurous, you can start by replacing cream cheese with other cheeses, such as gorgonzola, mascarpone or a creamy goat’s cheese. Always look for cheeses that can add a creamy touch to the recipe. You can also replace cheese with other dairy products, such as yogur culinario o el kéfir. Simply try small variations of the original recipe, small changes that your clients will appreciate.


Add to the recipe…

Pumpkin, chocolate, white rice… and even diced vegetables for a savoury version. Think of ingredients that go well with the creaminess inside the cake and it will be a success. Other chefs have gone one step further and have reinvented the cheesecake with traditional products. Such is the case of Chis&Keik a bakery in Barcelona that offers up to 100 different cheesecakes: from colourful popcorn with caramel to a banana, bacon and peanut butter cheesecake named ‘Elvis Forever’, because those were the ingredients of his favourite sandwich.


Trendy cheesecakes: innovate with the presentation


Many restaurants work hard on developing unique presentations that surprise their clients and enhance the qualities of the cheesecake. Some, like lava cakes and lollipops, have become a classic in themselves; other, like cheesecake cocktails are the latest trends. Take note!


Lava cakes

The lava effect cheesecake surprises the second you tuck into it. On the outside it is like a traditional cheesecake, but once you open it, the inside flows out. Without forgetting the cream cheese, a fondant effect cake adds other creamy cheeses and reduces baking times, of course, making sure it has cooked through. Quique Dacosta has popularised this type of cheesecake in his restaurant Llisa Negra, to which he adds sheep milk cheese.

Cheesecake lollipops and sticks

Lollipops and sticks are another fun innovation in how cheesecakes are presented. An interesting alternative for both restaurants and bakeries (ideal for take-away). They follow the same classic recipe but once baked, it is blended, so that both the biscuit base and the filling are combined, gaining consistency. The last step is to leave it in the fridge to solidify. What makes this recipe different is how it is decorate. Innovate with toppings.

Cheesecake cups

This presentation is perfect for restaurants because they can innovate more easily with the aesthetics of the final dish. It involves making individual mini cakes using glasses or cups. By doing this we can show the different textures and ingredients of the cheesecake and fascinate our clients; and it is ideal for recipes that include ingredients with strong colours (red fruits, kiwi or even toffee).


Trendy cheesecakes: a little bit of alcohol, or even a cocktail!

We have left for last – we never want you to miss anything from our articles — the most playful of the cheesecakes: those with alcohol. Very suitable recipes for restaurants or gastropubs looking to offer something different, a dessert that anticipate the digestifs or liqueurs usually drunk at the end of a meal.

The opportunities with cheesecakes that include alcohol are incredible. From a whiskey cream, to vodka or a classic triple sec. When looking at these recipes we find two different presentations: a classic cake that simply adds spirits to its other ingredients or the most innovative cheesecake cocktails.

In the first we can find a mojito or Baileys cheesecake; but culinary creators have poured their imagination into the cocktails. These liquid cheesecakes are served in cocktail glasses, and in many cases, customers won’t need a spoon to enjoy them.

Vodka tends to be the most popular spirit in these cocktails, which are prepared with a soda siphon, but Martini or triple sec are also widely used. The rest of the ingredients are left to your imagination, but it is important that its colour is similar to that of a cheesecake.


Do you ready to start innovating with new cheesecake recipes? We have given you some ideas; the rest we leave to your imagination.