Quescrem Plus: the cream cheese that withstands extreme temperatures

More than 10 years ago, we launched a unique cream cheese onto the market, Quescrem Plus. What makes this cream cheese special is its resistance to extreme temperatures, since it can be baked, fried and frozen without losing its structure or creaminess. Additionally, it’s very simple to work with, dose and mix with other ingredients.

Thanks to these characteristics and its plethora of applications, Quescrem Plus will become a must-have for the food industry and in any professional workflow. Keep reading to find out everything there is to know about the most innovative cream cheese on the market!

Cream cheese for baking and frying

Quescrem Plus is characterised by its creamy dairy base and its neutral flavour, which takes on new flavour when cooked.

Our R+D+i team has designed this cream cheese, giving it a strong resistance to all types of heating processes used in the food industry, without melting and maintaining its characteristic creaminess: from baking, to steam cooking or frying. 

Unlike the other cream cheeses on the market, Quescrem Plus retains its shape, structure and creaminess, even after withstanding these extreme temperatures. 

Cream cheese for freezing

As well as extreme heating, Quescrem Plus also withstands freezing and thawing, as well as cold thawing, without affecting its creaminess or structure. 

Another notable characteristic of this cream cheese is that it doesn’t release water over time; its appearance and culinary properties remain intact, even during slow freezing and forced thawing. What’s more, Quescrem Plus is the only cream cheese on the market with thaw stability.

So, when it is subjected to refrigeration temperatures (between 2ºC and 6ºC), Quescrem Plus retains its soft and creamy texture, and doesn’t drip. Thanks to this characteristic, it is possible to use pumping systems and mechanical dosing without needing to temper, whisk or mix this cream cheese with other ingredients.

All these characteristics make this cream cheese an ideal and essential product for professionals.

Applications of Quescrem Plus

As we have already seen, Quescrem Plus increases the possibilities when it comes to developing new products for the food industry or incorporating new creations into your culinary offer. The limits imposed by traditional cream cheese disappear with Quescrem Plus. 

On the one hand, it works perfectly as a filling for baked doughs, in both sweet and savoury recipes. This aspect makes it particularly useful in bakery and confectionery products.

Quescrem Plus is also the ideal cream cheese to include as a filling in fried doughs, to fry directly or combine with other ingredients. It withstands high temperatures without melting and, in addition, it prevents the oil from spitting. It can also be the ideal cheese for the filling in boiled pasta dough, like ravioli or tortellini. 

On the other hand, Quescrem Plus can be used as a glute-free alternative to bechamel. In this case, it will be a perfect ally to aid and streamline the production of croquettes or stuffed peppers, among other recipes, in addition to making these dishes suitable for coeliacs.

Finally, it is important to emphasise that this cream cheese does not crystallise or drip when frozen, so it is perfect for both sweet and savoury frozen preserves.

In summary, Quescrem Plus was founded to satisfy all technological, nutritional and labelling needs and requirements of the food industry worldwide. The ease of working with it, together with its exceptional characteristics when subjected to extreme temperatures, make this a unique and essential cream cheese in any professional kitchen.

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