Quescrem Plus Cream Cheese

  • Baking stability

  • Cooking resistance

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Maintains structure after baking

  • Resistance to freezing

  • Resistance to frying

  • Time reduction

Quescrem Plus Cream Cheese

Quescrem Plus is a creamy dairy base for cooking with a neutral flavor that becomes more nuanced after cooking. It combines three essential characteristics for the professional: cold dosage, resistance to freezing/thawing and extreme heating, while maintaining its creamy texture at all times.
Mazada (milk), cow’s milk, cream, acidity regulators (E-450, E452), stabilizers (E-461, E-1450, E- 1442), salt, preservative (E-200) and lactic ferments.
kcal/100 g

Pastries and bakery:

It is perfect for the preparation of baked fillings, both sweet and savory (pastries, bakery).

Filling of fried dough:

Thanks to its neutral flavor, it is perfect for direct frying with other ingredients. Withstands high frying temperatures without splattering or melting.

Pasta filling:

Perfect for filling cooked dough, such as ravioli or tortellini.

Filling of frozen dough:

It does not crystallize or thaw when defrosting, making it ideal for cold line preparations, both sweet and savory.

Gluten-free substitute for bechamel sauce:

It can be used directly as a gluten-free substitute for bechamel sauce in croquettes, stuffed peppers and other bechamel preparations.

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