Quescrem Plus -

Quescrem Plus is a creamy dairy-based product with a neutral taste that takes on new flavours when cooked. It meets three basic requirements for the professional chef: it is easy to handle when cold, can be frozen/defrosted and is resistant to extreme heat without compromising its creamy texture.



500 g

Quescrem Plus


Buttermilk (milk), cow’s milk, cream, acidity regulator (E-450, E452), stabilisers (E-461, E-1450, E-1442), salt, preservative (E-200) and lactic cultures.

Nutrition facts

kcal/100 g


Stable after baking

Resistant to frying

Resistant to boiling

Resistant to freezing

Time saving

No waste

Ease to handle and pipe


  • Baked dough filling
  • Fried dough filling
  • Pasta filling
  • Frozen dough filling
  • Gluten free substitute for béchamel sauce

Baked dough filling

A perfect base for sweet and savoury fillings in baked doughs (bakery, pastries…).

Fried dough filling

Because of its neutral flavour, it can be fried when combined with other ingredients. It is resistant to high temperatures without melting or making the oil splatter.

Pasta filling

Ideal as a filling for boiled pasta, like ravioli or tortellini.

Frozen dough filling

It does not crystallise or drain when defrosted, so it works perfectly for frozen preserved food, both sweet and savoury.

Gluten free substitute for béchamel sauce

It can be used as a substitute for béchamel sauce when making croquettes, filled peppers and other recipes that require béchamel.

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