0% Lactose Mascarpone Cheese Quescrem

  • Aeration capacity

  • Baking stability

  • Combinable flavor

  • Consistent texture

  • Creamy texture

  • Stable structure

  • Time reduction

0% Lactose Mascarpone Cheese Quescrem

Quescrem’s 0% Lactose Mascarpone contains no artificial additives and has a balanced dairy flavor with a creamy texture of great functionality. Thanks to its excellent aeration capacity, stability and ease of assembly, it is perfect for the preparation of tiramisu suitable for lactose intolerant people.
Pasteurized cream, milk, acidity regulator: acidic acid. citrus.

Lactose-free tiramisu:

Ideal for making tiramisu due to its aeration capacity, stability and sweet taste.

Lactose-free mousses:

Perfect for making mousses due to its high aeration capacity and stability due to its fat content.

Lactose-free cakes and biscuits:

It can replace butter in cakes and biscuits, providing greater juiciness and sponginess.

Lactose-free Dippings:

Its flavor and texture make it an ideal base for dippings, acting as a vehicle for other flavors.

Lactose-free sauces:

The perfect substitute for butter or cream. Reduces processing time and improves the nutritional values of the recipe.

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