Cream Cheese with Olives

  • Aeration capacity

  • Baking stability

  • Creamy texture

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Emulsifying capacity

  • M.G. / Protein Balance

  • Time reduction

Cream Cheese with Olives

A cream cheese with an intense, fresh and salty flavor that has been elaborated with a careful selection of manzanilla olives. Quescrem Aceitunas is the ideal cheese to prepare delicious appetizers and canapés.
Mazada, cow’s milk, cream, olive preparation 15% [green olives 85%, water, salt, modified potato starch, acidity regulator (lactic acid), thickener (guar gum) and sunflower oil], milk solids, salt, stabilizer (carrageenan), preservative (sorbic acid) and lactic ferments.

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The perfect substitute for butter or cream. Reduces processing time and improves the nutritional values of the recipe.

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