Quescrem Professional Pastry Bag 800g

  • Aeration capacity

  • Combinable flavor

  • Creamy texture

  • Easy melting

  • Easy to handle and dose

  • Emulsifying capacity

  • FAT / Protein Balance

  • Stable structure

Quescrem Professional Pastry Bag 800g

Quescrem Professional 800g pastry bag is a cream cheese with a natural, fresh and creamy flavor designed for foodservice and organized catering. A new convenient, practical and professional format to simplify your cooking routines by using, measuring and storing without the need for additional utensils. Extract the product in a clean and agile way; you only need to cut the corner and squeeze the bag.

The Quescrem Professional 800g pastry bag has a smoother texture that allows for easier dosing. Its versatility will allow you to prepare different dishes such as sushi, pizza or paninis in a faster way.

This format allows you to increase your efficiency by calculating the cost and optimizing the use of ingredients. Reduce plastic consumption and minimize food waste by making the most of every last piece of cheese with the Quescrem Professional 800g pastry bag.

Mazada (milk), cow’s milk, cream (milk), lactose (milk), salt, stabilizer (carrageenan), preservative (sorbic acid) and lactic ferments (milk).
kcal/100 g


Its mild flavor, easy to combine and easy to spread make it ideal for making toasts and canapés.

Ice cream:

It works perfectly in ice cream formulations due to its good balance between fat and protein.


It provides a creamy texture and is very easy to mix with other ingredients to elaborate this type of recipes.


It can be used in both hot and cold applications. Its soft and silky texture makes it ideal for making cheesecakes, flan or tiramisu.


Its use is perfect when placing and finishing these elaborations.

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