receta cheesecake churros

Churros Cheesecake

recetas con queso fresco

8 people

tiempo receta
60 min


For the churro base

170 g Flour
310 g Water
3 g Salt
1 L sunflower oil

For the mousse

500 g Quescrem Natural
250 g Cream 35 M.G.
75 g White sugar
50 g Milk
8 g Neutral gelatin in sheets

For assembly

30 g Icing sugar
20 g Cinnamon powder



For the churro base

1.-Mix the flour with the salt in a bowl and then boil the water and pour over the flour.
2.-Mix with a spoon until homogeneous and place the dough in a churro maker with a fine nozzle.
3.-Dose in a tight spiral shape on baking paper with a larger diameter than the cake molds. Freeze.
4.-Fry from frozen in very hot sunflower oil until golden brown.
Drain the oil on absorbent paper.
5.-Mix the cinnamon and powdered sugar and sprinkle on the churro wheel that we will place as a base inside the mold.


For the mousse

1.- Boil the milk and add the gelatin (previously hydrated) and the sugar.
2.-In a bowl, mix the Quescrem cream cheese and cream and whip until it becomes a mousse.
3.-Add the hot milk to the cream cheese mixture and mix slowly until well blended.
Pour over the churro base, inside the mold, and refrigerate for 4 hours. * Can be frozen.

For assembly

Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and unmold. Cut in sectors and serve.

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