receta cheesecake churros

Churros Cheesecake


For the churro base

170 g flour
310 g water
3 g salt
1 l sunflower oil

For the mousse

500 g Quescrem Original
250 g cream 35% M.G.
75 g white sugar
50 g milk
8 g neutral gelatin in sheets

For assembly

30 g powdered sugar
20 g cinnamon powder



For the churro base

Mix the flour with the salt in a bowl. Then boil the water and pour over the flour. Mix with a spoon until homogeneous and place the dough in a churro maker with a fine nozzle. Dose in a tightly closed spiral on baking paper, with a diameter larger than that of the cake tins. Freeze.
Fry from frozen in very hot sunflower oil until golden brown. Drain the oil on absorbent paper. Mix the cinnamon and the powdered sugar and sprinkle on the churro wheel that will be previously placed as a base inside the mold.


For the mousse

Boil the milk and add the gelatin, previously hydrated, and the sugar. In a bowl, mix the Quescrem Original and the cream and whip until it becomes a mousse. Add the hot milk to the cream cheese mixture and mix slowly until blended.
Pour over the base of the churro, inside the mold, and refrigerate for 4 hours. * Can be frozen.

For assembly

Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and unmold. Cut in sectors and serve.

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