receta tiramisú sin lactosa quescrem

Lactose-free tiramisu


Of the sponge cake

400 g soletilla or savoiardi sponge cakes
400 g coffee
80 g Amaretto bitter almond liqueur

From the mascarpone sponge

500 g of Quescrem Mascarpone 0% Lactose
80 g lactose-free milk
80 g sugar
20 g egg yolk


This recipe for lactose-free tiramisu can be adapted by simply adding powdered ingredients such as matcha tea, freeze-dried raspberry, pistachio praline, etc., along with the sugar.



Mix to make sponge cakes drunk

Mix the coffee with the bitter almond liqueur. Reserve.


Mascarpone Sponge

Whip the egg yolks in the mixer with the sugar until they whiten. Add the milk and the 0% Lactose Mascarpone and continue beating at maximum speed until it mounts and takes consistency. Place in a piping bag and use immediately.



Place the sponge cakes in the bottom of a springform pan. Wet them with the coffee and liqueur mixture without soaking them completely. Fill with a small layer of mascarpone sponge. Add another layer of sponge cakes and make them drunk. Add the mascarpone sponge again, sprinkle cocoa powder on top and remove the mold.


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