tarta de tiramisú de caramelo y mascarpone quescrem

Tiramisu cake with caramel and walnuts


Flourless chocolate cake

780 g egg whites
520 g sugar
550 g egg yolks
150 g cocoa powder

Creamy mascarpone and walnuts cream

500 g Mascarpone Quescrem
215 g whole milk
124 g sugar
145 g egg yolk
6 g gelatin (200 ºBloom)
250 g caramelized walnuts

Caramelized Walnuts

375 g walnuts
150 g powdered sugar
30 g butter 82% M.G.

Caramel Mousse

330 g cream 35% M.G.
210 g sugar
80 g glucose
22 g gelatin (200ºBloom)
152 g yolks
105 g syrup (30 ºBaumé)
600 g cream 35% G.M. lightly whipping

Caramel Glaze

286 g condensed milk, cooked* 286 g condensed milk, cooked* 286 g condensed milk, cooked* 286 g condensed milk, cooked
216 g water
430 g sugar
430 g glucose syrup DE44
174 g water
32 g gelatin (200ºBloom) in powder form
432 g white chocolate coating



Flourless chocolate cake

Whip the egg whites with the sugar until a meringue is formed. Add the egg yolks and mix. Finally, add the cocoa powder, previously sifted, and mix carefully so as not to lower the batter too much. Put 900 g of the mixture in 60 x 40 cm cans. Bake at 220 °C. Once cold, cut 16 cm disks.


Creamy mascarpone and walnuts cream

Mix the milk, sugar and egg yolk and cook at 85 °C (85 °F). Add the gelatine leaves, previously hydrated, and allow the mixture to cool down to 50 °C. Add the Mascarpone Quescrem and emulsify with a blender. Pour 150 g of the mixture into 16 cm diameter silicone molds and store in the refrigerator. When it begins to gel, spread caramelized walnuts on top. Crush a little and freeze.


Caramelized walnuts

Mix the chopped walnuts with the powdered sugar and dry caramelize. When the powdered sugar is completely melted, add the butter and remove from the heat. Turn out onto a silpat and let cool.


Caramel mousse

Dry melt the sugar adding it little by little and when it is completely melted, add the hot glucose. Let the mixture take a dark color and gradually add the 220 g of very hot cream. Then add the gelatin leaves previously hydrated with plenty of cold water.

On the other hand, mix the egg yolks with the syrup and cook at 85 °C. Let it cool in the blender on high speed. Mix half of the lightly whipped cream with the caramel, with the sabayon (syrup and whipped yolks), and finally with the remaining lightly whipped cream. Use the mousse immediately.


Caramel glaze

Mix the gelatin with 174 g of water to hydrate it. Allow to gel.

On the other hand, heat the 216 g of water, the sugar and the glucose in a saucepan and bring to 100 °C. Pour the mixture over the cooked condensed milk, the gelatin mass and the white chocolate coating. Emulsify and allow to gel for 24 hours at 4 °C. To glaze, heat the mixture to 40°C, work with a blender and glaze pieces at 30 – 35°C.

*Place an unopened 500 g can in a saucepan with enough water to cover the can and cover. Cook for 2 hours.

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