Practical, traditional and healthy: key purchase factors

Practical, traditional and healthy: key purchase factors

Within the Spanish dairy industry, cheese has been the fastest growing sector of 2018, growing by 7% in the large-scale retail trade, more than milk, yoghurt and desserts, according to Alimarket – Spain’s renowned publication on sectoral economy – and its report on the Spanish Cheese Market.

Regarding the best-selling cheeses, Alimarket’s TOP 3 are Spanish pressed cheeses, fresh cheeses and imported pressed cheeses. These are closely followed by grated cheese, with cheese spreads making it to the 5th position of the ranking.

As for the main market operators, Quescrem is once again in the TOP 50. We have grown more than the average rate and we improve our position, compared with last year’s report, from the 47th position to the 45th as the most important cheese manufacturer in Galicia.

As it pointed out in last years report, cheese sales in Spain are going through a progressive transformation as the demands and needs of the consumer are changing. Consumers are now asking for products with added value, and at a lower price, that answer their needs. It must be practical (easy to use, efficient and versatile), traditional and healthy, such as our Fresh Cheese for Grilling and our Lactose-free +PRO Fresh Cheese from our Smart Food range.

To maintain this good progress, the cheese sector must keep working to offer products that answer the demands of an ever-changing society. At Quescrem, with innovation at the heart of what we do, we strive to offer added value to the consumer, both at home or the professional kitchen, by developing unique recipes based on high quality and locally sourced ingredients.