Quescrem Olives,
intense flavour and creaminess
for starters and canapés

Quescrem Garlic and Fine Herbs, natural and unflavoured for hot and cold recipes

Quescrem Greenster, the first almond spread fermented like cheese

The ten best
cheesecake recipes that you should try now

R&D&I for the food industry

The strategic partner you need

Innovation is the key to Quescrem’s success. We work day by day from research and development to develop customized products with high standards of quality, conservation and use.

Our experience allows us to offer the food industry a cream cheese that brings a distinctive value to the products, standardized formulations and customized solutions to different processes in the industry.

Prepare our

Power up your dishes with recipes for professional chefs and for the home. Preparations created by GASTROTEQ for you to enjoy the flavor and take care of your preparations to the maximum.

International Quality Certifications

International Food Quality Seals

Success in numbers

Our history

Quescrem was born more than 17 years ago thanks to the non-conformism of a group of people linked to the USC and the Dairy Products Classroom of the Lugo campus to create a cream cheese production company.

Our history is growing thanks to our commitment to innovation, creaminess and the flavor of our product. A project that shows that it is possible to generate interesting initiatives that boost the Galician dairy sector through internationalization and sustainability.

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