Healthy desserts, a new trend -

Healthy desserts, a new trend

The healthy trend is in full swing. Our lifestyles are changing and so are restaurant menus. People care about what they eat and are asking for alternatives that will help them look after their health, both in savoury and sweet dishes.

What are healthy desserts?

Within the healthy desserts category we can find a number of characteristics that answer the growing demands of the market:

Less sugar

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a maximum of 25gr of sugar a day for adults with a normal body weight. That is why desserts with a reduced sugar content have become very popular. Using natural sweeteners, spices, flavourings and other ingredients we can make flavourful dishes with no added sugar. This also means we can offer alternatives for those with blood sugar problems.

Healthy fats

A healthy dessert does not necessarily have to be low in fat. Fats are an important source of energy and help with the absorption of vitamins. Customers are looking for alternatives with healthy fats that offer all their benefits and, at the same time, help them look after themselves. Pastry chefs have to develop their recipes with these requirements in mind as, in many cases, there are medical reasons (obesity, high cholesterol…) behind the customers’ requests.

Natural ingredients

When making healthy desserts, chefs use natural ingredients without artificial preservatives to achieve good results while guaranteeing a flavourful dish. The ingredients and how these are produced make all the difference. All you need to avoid preservatives and artificial stabilizers is the finest ingredients with the adequate organoleptic, nutritional and functional profile.
For example, at Quescrem we make our cream cheese with milk and cream of the highest quality, but also with buttermilk, an ingredient with a high biological value that adds excellent taste and texture qualities, a great stability to our formulas and, more importantly, the best cream cheese flavour.

Taste and texture: the biggest challenges

The most important challenge for a pastry chef is making healthy desserts: to achieve a superior taste, just like traditional recipes, and a very palatable texture. In this sense, innovation is very important, just like finding new ingredient combinations that guarantee a successful result that meets the customer expectations.

The current trend is to make simpler desserts, in which the natural ingredients and health benefits take the centre stage, which is why it is so important to choose ingredients with the required quality and nutrients.

The challenge of a creamy and consistent texture is particularly complex, as fats and sugars have an important structural role, in addition to adding flavour. When we reduce or remove these two ingredients, we must look for substitutes that offer the same function: instead of sugars we find low-calorie sweeteners and instead of fats we have vegetable fibres or starches such as inulin or corn starch.

A healthy dessert

Are you looking for a healthy dessert for your restaurant menu? Try our suggestion and wow your customers:
Red velvet with high-protein cream cheese.

Red velvet with high-protein cream cheese